The best Iraqi hosting

Modern and secure servers

We work on the latest and fastest servers with very high specifications that exceeded those of the American servers. Speed data for our sites can be obtained through Google, where our servers have been classified A +, which is the first and best classification among Iraqi companies.

SSL encryption and security certificate

Our company is proud of being the only company in Iraq to have obtained a company license NORTON to secure websites and data encryption and maximum protection against hacking and data theft through the lock sign shown by the browser next to the domain name is an indication that the site is safe

Modern designs and attractive artistic lines

Do not worry about the design, all of this is done on demand and with high flexibility, as we modify the design in case you are not satisfied with the design and all within hours only so do not worry about the design, so you do not have to ask for the design that you want and it is implemented immediately and very quickly

Why choose Ruya Art
Our company has been working since its establishment to improve Iraqi content on the Internet in order to improve the quality of services provided to the citizen, who ultimately is the customer benefiting from the services.All this comes through our use of the latest servers and the latest software and the work of a team of engineers and programmers to provide our services at unparalleled competitive prices compared to safe hosting And encrypted and secured through the protocol of the global Norton company, unlike the companies that provide slow, old and insecure servers that do not live up to what countries of the world have reached

What do we distinguish from others
We are distinguished by a group of servers that work with high-speed Intel xeon processors, which are characterized by a very high speed, unlike the servers with the usual processors that the rest of the companies work on because of their cheap prices. Google and the search engine, so the number of daily visitors to the site will be tens of thousands

The splendor and aesthetic design
Our company is unique from the rest of the Iraqi companies with modern designs and colors consistent with the design of graphics, images and pages beautifully and responsive to mobile devices, as the use of the Internet by mobile represents 90% of the total use and therefore we are keen to provide the latest mobile software that accompanies modern devices of iPhone, Android and Windows And so on, we are alone at prices that are symbolic compared to modern technologies that we rely on European companies to reverence them for our company.

Domain registration

Major registrar of more than 70 international domains .com .net .org .iq

Programming & design

Professional design services for PHP / MYSQL / CSS / JS / JQUERY activity

Shared hosting

Advanced shared web hosting directed to all levels and types of websites,

VPS servers

VPS servers with high specifications that can withstand the most pressure

Private hosting

Dedicated servers with fully management to ensure performance


Internet audio and video broadcasting services for video and radio stations

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