Usage agreement for Ruya Alfan Company

If you are a user of Art Vision services, we ask that you abide by the implementation of this agreement, as the service is licensed to you based on your acceptance of all the terms and conditions stated in the agreement. Please read the service usage agreement before you start dealing with it, because by clicking on the “I agree” button at the end, you have expressed your complete agreement to be bound by all terms and conditions.

General Conditions :

It is prohibited to deal with any unethical data such as pornographic pictures and other unethical works of art. All services provided by ArtRoya Foundation are used for legitimate purposes only. Your purchase of a Art Vision product or dealing with it means that you accept its full terms.

Ruya Alfan Foundation has the right to amend the terms of the agreement at any time without any liability, while notifying clients of the modifications. The customer is obligated to pay the service fee at the same time he requests the service. In the event of renewing the site’s subscription, the following must be adhered to:

1- The customer is obligated to renew the date due for the issuance of his invoice, and the customer shall be notified of the renewal date 30 days before it at most.

2- In case of unwillingness to renew: the backup copy of the client’s website is kept on the company’s servers of Art Vision for a period of 14 days at most.

3- The account is closed within 48 hours after the due renewal date has passed, and in the event that the customer wishes to reopen the account or obtain a backup copy of his site, a fine will be paid for the fees of reopening the service. Art Vision disclaims all liability for any setbacks or losses arising from financial transfers or bank deposits.

When depositing sums of money in our account, the accounts department must be notified to confirm the deposit within a period not exceeding 72 hours. Art Vision Foundation is not responsible for any commercial dealings outside our ticketing system or the emails shown on the site with anyone under any circumstances.

Art Vision will never ask you to send information outside the ticketing system under any circumstances. Art Vision reserves the right to refuse, terminate or cancel any contract, based on its own discretion.

Customer Rights:


Ruya Alfan Foundation pledges to provide the best services in terms of quality, work efficiency, preservation of customer rights, and full commitment to the period of contracting with clients.
Ruya Alfan pledges to provide the highest level of stability for servers / servers, which is 99.9%, unless there are any compelling circumstances involved.
Ruya Alfan undertakes to preserve the customers’ personal data and not to leak it to any party without an official document or written permission from a competent governmental or international body, and the customer is notified of the matter.
Ruya Alfan undertakes to maintain the level of its services for all the plans announced on its official website and the special offers without discrimination or differentiation between the plans.
Ruya Alfan undertakes, in the event of service interruption – God forbid – at any time to compensate customers with an additional period equal to the period in which the service was stopped.
The Foundation undertakes to deliver the services on time and agreed upon with the customer. Ruya Alfan undertakes to provide all the services requested by the customer as much as possible without any additional efforts on the part of the client.
Ruya Alfan undertakes to inform the customer first-hand, clearly and transparently, of the status of the hosted server on it.

Hosting terms:

Ruya Alfan Foundation has the right, in order to preserve the quality of the service provided to its customers, to suspend any website hosted with it that violates the fair use policy, which affects the service provided by the company to customers.

Design Terms:

The customer has the right to request the design he wants in the color and shape he wants, provided that the design does not contain anything contrary to ethics.

The proofs of the work and the final work are shown to the client in PNG format, and the customer is not entitled to exploit the image in any way.

The client has the right to amend the design as he deems appropriate before the final approval of the work.

The client has the right to refuse the design for one time only after reviewing its image with the reasons being given, and on the condition that he sends us certain data and information on which to work in the new proof.

In the event that the client agrees on the final result of the work, programming and coding will start.

After the design is delivered to the client by any agreed means, Ruya Alfan does not become responsible for any modifications to the work.

Ruya Alfan Foundation disclaims its responsibility for anything that happens to the design, including tampering, vandalism, or leakage by the owner of the site or any other person who does not belong to the Ruya Alfan Foundation.

It must be taken into account that all of the defects resulting from the design and hosting in the case of dealing with other companies are not within our competence.

The client pays at least half of the agreed upon amount before starting the design by the Ruya Alfan Foundation team, and the remaining amount is paid after submitting the proof of work.

Ruya Alfan is not responsible for any amendment or repair of any malfunction resulting from the modification of the code by you or by any other programmer outside of Art Vision.

The customer has no right to remove the rights of the art company from the design. And in the event that – God forbid – Ruya Alfan reserves the right to publish the design free of charge.

In the event that the customer wants to remove the design rights related to (Art Vision), a cost will be added to the order at 50% of the total cost of the request.

The backup copy is the responsibility of the customer and he must keep backup copies for his site for reference if the need arises. Ruya Alfan Foundation does not bear any responsibility for the damage of the copy

Backups due to hacks and additions that cause damage to databases or wrong permissions for folders and files.

Technical support terms:

The customer has the right to request assistance and technical support for his hosting matters, such as changing the password, stopping or operating the service on the site during his hosting period.

Virtual technical support, which is provided to all of our customers, does not include support for forums, magazines, and scripts installed by the client or chat or other matters not related to hosting, which are considered third-party services.

Technical support service is provided through a ticket system integrated in the customer panel, and it is the only guaranteed way to fulfill customer orders. Other means, such as instant chatting and a mobile phone, will not be guaranteed to implement, and it is an inventory of pre-sales and emergency questions only.

Customer’s personal information:

Maintaining the correctness of customer personal information is completely the responsibility of the customer, as he must update it periodically to reflect his correct information at all times.

Ruya Alfan does not use customers’ personal information for any commercial or personal purposes, but rather is used as a means of proving the customer’s ownership of his purchases with us, so it is the responsibility of the customer to maintain

His membership information is also from theft or hackers obtaining it through his personal device or any other device that contains the information, and the Foundation disclaims its responsibility if this information is used by different parties other than the original owner.

Your membership in the institution is a certificate of your ownership of all the services presented under it, so always make sure that all your services are registered under your account, and if there is any shortage or increase, contact the Ruya Alfan team immediately to solve the problem.

Your personal information registered with your membership must be correct and always updated to reflect correct information.

Ruya Alfan Foundation has the right at any time to demand a copy of governmental or legal proof to verify your ownership of this membership, and it is also entitled to use your information upon legal accountability and deliver it upon request to the competent authorities.

Payment Terms :

The refund policy is subject to the following conditions:

If the amount is paid in full before the services are delivered.

The amount due is not refunded after receiving the service.

Transfer, banking and administrative expenses are deducted from the amount due.

The amount due is not refunded if the customer violates any of the terms and rules agreed upon in the use policy for the service provided.

Refunds are made only upon a direct request from the client, and by a written message from the client’s e-mail registered in our system, and after verification from the customer personally via a phone call to the phone number registered in the system.

Service Fee:

The customer has no right to recover the amount, and the service will be provided as agreed upon until the end of the service period.


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